2021 Q&A

Q. When will I receive my tickets for access to the event?

A. Your tickets will be posted to you in August.

Q. Can I bring my dog with me?

A. If you bring your dog with you access to certain parts of the reserve will be restricted as dogs are not allowed from the Warren gate walking South.

Q. Will food and drink be for sale throughout the weekend?

A. Yes food and drink is available from 4pm on Friday to 4pm on Sunday.

Q. Do I have to be on site from 7am?

A. No you can arrive at any time throughout the day but the guided walks start at 7am.

Q. Is there a vegetarian option at the Hog Roast event on Saturday evening?

A. Yes a vegetarian option will be available including a free glass of wine if you have bought a Hog Roast ticket.

Q. What time will the Hog Roast be served from?

A. The Hog Roast will be served from 5pm til 6.45pm on the Saturday.

Q. Is transport available free of charge to travel to the various meeting points for walks etc?

A. Yes transport will be available throughout the weekend to take you to the meeting places.

Q. Is accommodation available in the area if I want to stay overnight?

A. Yes accommodation is available but is quite limited near to Spurn itself. You will find some useful addresses here to assist you in finding accommodation.

Q. If I don’t buy a Hog Roast ticket can I still attend the main Saturday evening lecture?

A. Yes that will be fine, but you will need to buy a Lecture only ticket and be in possession of either a Saturday, Sunday or Weekend Ticket as well.

Q. What is a “Lecture Only” Ticket

A. A lecture only ticket is an entrance ticket to the main Saturday evening lecture. It only needs to be purchased when you don’t buy a Hog Roast ticket which includes access to the main lecture. Please note you will also need to be in possession of either a Saturday, Sunday or Weekend Ticket as well

Q. Will the Uni-mog be available for excursions to the point as in previous years?

A. Yes, the Uni-mog will be running trips to the Point again this year. To book, please visit MigFest reception at Westmere Farm on Friday evening or during Saturday and Sunday to arrange your trip

Q. If I only buy a Saturday or Sunday ticket can I still access all the events?

A. Yes you can.

Q. Will Tea and Coffee be free throughout the weekend as in previous years?

A. Yes.

Q. What time does the Spurn Migration Festival start?

A. The overall weekend event starts at 7.30pm on Friday evening with a talk at Westmere Farm - ALL ARE WELCOME AND IT’S FREE OF CHARGE.

MigFest 2021

10 February 2021

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